Oh my, you should eat!

  • Good Eats!

    Good Eats!

  • Hot off the Grill

    Hot off the Grill

  • Omlets & Skillets

    Omlets & Skillets

  • Pancakes & Belgian Waffles

    Pancakes & Belgian Waffles

  • 24/7 Breakfast

    24/7 Breakfast


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Craving breakfast at night? Dinner in the morning? At Clarke's, we serve up exactly what you want and when you want it. Yeah, we've mastered hitting the spot!

Clarke's Diner can't be beat. Best hangover breakfast ever, but also a wonderful late nite spot (sweet potato fries) to help soak up the drinks.

Emily H.

Whether it's a late night dinner fit for bar scene folks or a meal for night owls, Clarke's Diner comes through 24 hours of the day.

Jenny H.